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16 Creative Email Design Trends to Watch in 2017

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If you work in, or are involved in the creation of email marketing design templates, then I’m sure you know that trends frequently come and go. What captures a reader’s attention today can quickly become boring tomorrow.

To help you stay ahead of the latest trends, and keep you informed, Kevin George on HubSpot lists sixteen points to help you plan your emailing strategies for the rest of 2017. Kevin also references EmailMonks take on the latest trends.

For example, everyone is familiar with GIFs in email design and you’ve no doubt received several emails with GIFs, but something to look for that’s new and interesting are cinemagraphs, keyframe animations and live backgrounds.

Also, you’ll be able to create and send emails that allow the person to search the internet without leaving the email. What will they think of next?

Key Takeaways:

  • EmailMonks produced an infographic identifying the biggest email design trends for 2017.
  • GIFs will be merged with keyframe animations and live backgrounds.
  • You can start planning your email design strategy for the whole year with these designs.

“Over the years, email marketing has seen a number of significant innovations and advancements — giving designers the chance to explore more customized, innovative content for email subscribers.”

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