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It’s the personal touch stupid!

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OK so the above title is not quite Bill Clinton level “It’s the economy stupid” political sloganeering, but it still rings true for small businesses online. Do you ever ask yourself what makes a small business stand out? Why customers remain loyal in the face of price undercutting from the big boys? Well it really […]

Is the Twitter 140 Character Limit About to Change?

Marketing plan design

So it looks like the magic 140 character limit on Twitter is about to change. Whilst it’s still unofficial, the Wall Street Journal is reporting that the powers that be are looking into giving special dispensation to users to extend some tweets to more than 140 characters. Will this ultimately change the nature of the […]

How to Use Social Media to Find Employees

A marketing agency worker

Have you ever used social media to find employees? If you haven’t then you could be missing out. We’ve unearthed some absolute gems for our team simply by joining the correct groups of like minded people with the prerequisite skills we are looking for. As the following article shows, this is something ever more employers […]