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4 advanced targeting strategies for B2B marketers

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Are you a B2B marketer? Do you feel it takes you too long to find the prospects you are looking for? Don’t spend your time looking through hundreds of prospects with absolutely no interest in your product or service. Rather, spend your valuable time on a select few who are most definitely interested.

Jessica Cameron offers some excellent advice on how you can achieve just this in the article linked to below. She explains some insightful ways that you connect with your B2B target audience. She gives advice on what techniques are effective through all stages of the buying process. 

Four advanced targeting strategies for B2B marketers

1. Granular targeting – is essential for B2B marketers if you want to build a competitive advantage. You need to think about each stakeholder in the buying process, the problems they face, the issues they are trying to resolve and the outcomes they are trying to achieve, and how your product or service would work for them.

This persona process will allow you to create and road test different ads, landing pages, calls to action and content bribes (to borrow from Frank Kern), that match the specific problems and outcomes each persona is facing.

2. Target top of the sales funnel prospects – Get creative with videos, games, infographics and visual content that builds an initial top of funnel prospect list. Don’t try to solve your prospects problems all at once. Instead think about something that will engage them in an irreverent and fun way. Then leverage their visit to kick off a remarketing campaign that educates, informs and builds rapport with your prospects through a content funnel that further qualifies your audience.

3. Align remarketing with your lead nurturing process – Ensure your content helps move your prospect through the sales funnel. So as you solve problem A with your content, launch content B through your remarketing and email marketing campaigns to solve the next problems. Done right, this process builds authority and removes doubts and objections through the sales process.

4. Understand the people behind each persona – Whilst buying personas are a great catch all process to begin your marketing efforts, really thinking about the people behind those personas is essential. What makes them tick, laugh, cry, get frustrated and drive the human that they are? Think about ways to empathise and genuinely help them solve the problems they face in the hierarchy they find themselves and your message will connect at a deeper level.

These strategies should take you B2B marketing to greater heights by helping you to present unique content that speaks to each stakeholder in the buying process. Brand awareness, engagement, leads and sales will be improved across the board if you implement these processes in the right way. Highly recommended reading.

Key Takeaways:

  • Determining the right audience segment for your B2B marketing is the difference between an effective campaign and failure.
  • Creating granular content assets may take more time but can greatly increase your success.
  • The most effective B2B marketing campaigns create a visceral connection with the end user.

“Understanding specific audience segments can help you engage with your B2B audience across all stages of the buying process.”

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