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4 concrete ways to use images to build links

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4 concrete ways to use images to build links

As a site-owner and self-promoter, you want to build links. Images are far more likely to pull in new traffic, but it’s not necessarily a matter of post a pic and they will come. Some savvy manipulations on your part are likely to be in order.

For example, a good way to generate image-correlated traffic is to use tools to find out what sort of pics bloggers are using to illustrate their blogs. With some research, you should be able to get very specific and become a niche source for viable images in your area of expertise. When you use pics in your own postings play around with your word to image ratio. Research suggests its best to not go over 100 words without an image, to achieve the best possible retention and possible sharing from a reader. Finally, do a check to see if any personally created images by you are out there and being utilized without acknowledgement of your creation of them. If so, reach out and politely ask the user to credit your work.

Key Takeaways:

  • Industry standard has made it the norm for almost every blog post to incorporate at least a single image.
  • You can leverage and use this knowledge and specific tools to find out what specific key words bloggers are using to generate illustrations, within a specific niche.
  • If someone uses your pics without crediting you as a source, notify the user and request that they acknowledge you.

“There’s nothing inherently wrong with using stock images, but you can take advantage of it by becoming a go-to resource in your industry for visual content.”

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