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4 Key Areas You Should Measure for SEO by @jennyhalasz

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Monitoring your SEO related productivity levels is vital in knowing which areas are thriving, and which need more attention. Always track your site traffic for the homepage, category and product pages and blog post pages. This way you know where visitors are landing, which pages are most and least popular. You can then address any issues facing the least popular pages by understanding why the top performing pages are doing so will.  In addition, you should always have a solid idea of where your company stands on SERP’s to evaluate how well you’re doing.

Key Takeaways:

  • While measuring SEO, you have to consider what you can measure. Measurements you need for a Fortune 500 company will be different from that for a small business.
  • In deciding what to measure in SEO, you have to consider what will make your boss or company happy.
  • You shouldn’t focus on measuring things you cannot impact or the things you have no control over.

“We’re fortunate enough to have access to some incredibly powerful and useful SEO tools – both free and paid – that help us understand what is and isn’t working.”

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