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5 Data Security Hacks to Protect Your Business

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Data populates every sector of human interaction. Think Google or Facebook are free platforms? Think again. You are the modern day currency. Everything you do online is being monitored, tracked and stored for business and marketing purposes.

As a business collecting consumer data there are safety measures you must deploy to keep that vital information from falling into the wrong hands. Five points of emphasis are important to keep in mind:

  1. Know what you have so you’re aware of what’s valuable.
  2. Know how to protect what you have.
  3. Make copies of everything.
  4. Continually review and monitor data security procedures.
  5. Make sure not to overlook the actual physical security of your hardware.

No business can afford a data leak in these times. Take pre-emptive steps to insure the nightmare security breach doesn’t happen to your company.

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