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5 things to check if your website’s traffic suddenly drops – Search Engine Land

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When your website suddenly suffers a decrease in traffic, it?s time to fire up Google Analytics and take a dive into the data. If you recently changed the design or features of your site, it could impact your traffic levels. Google also sometimes holds website owners liable for spam or noxious content generated by users on their webpages by docking their search rankings. Duplicative or overly sparse content can also damage your ratings. Google algorithm changes or the loss of useful back links can also contribute.

Key Takeaways:

  • If you recently made major changes to your site, there might be some technical issues that need to be addressed.
  • Google might be penalizing you for sending out spam, or if they think you have been hacked.
  • Your website could be losing traffic to one of your competitors.

“Once you know for sure the error isn?t statistical, it?s time to have a closer look at the symptoms and start digging to find the root cause.”

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