Do you have the 6 traits it takes to be a successful entrepreneur?

How do the Bransons and the Buffets of this world get so successful? (And no I’m not talking pickles or food gatherings but the entrepreneur types). According to the following well written article over at it all comes down to 6 simple factors.

Firstly they are willing to embrace failure and follow the old maxim that Rome wasn’t built in a day. Sometimes you have to fall in order to learn how to properly walk.

After all do you think Steve Jobs Apple incarnation 1 or 2 worked out better for the company…actually let’s not go there for fear of making this an Apple commentscentric blog post but I think you get the point.

You also need to listen to those around you (and surround yourself with smart people), do something you’re passionate about, be curious, say no to opportunities (you can’t take advantage of every opportunity so cherry pick the best and focus your finite time and energy resources on them) and find balance in your life.

Agree? Disagree?

Read the article in full here and let me know what you think:

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