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7 Metrics to Audit Your YouTube Channel

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7 Metrics to Audit Your YouTube Channel

Many people have started their own YouTube channels and strive to have engaging content to gather more subscribers and/or views. Although search optimization is key in the online industry some would say there is even more ways to improve your online presence. This article provides seven other metrics that top performers on YouTube use to uncover ticks to help increase those numbers. These metrics provided can help understand what users are viewing your content, the average time spent viewing and other such things to help increase the amount of viewers and types one may be looking for.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn important insights about the audience you reach by measuring what percentage of all viewers are comprised of actual subscribers
  • It's important to discern which type of content that you produce is most effective at garnering audience interactions and engagement
  • Keep tabs on the amount of time that viewers are spending on your content and whether they watch all the way to completion or not

“Most people think it’s enough to just mentally keep track of things like subscribers and views, but the real masters of the platform perform deep audits on a regular basis.”

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