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7 Ways to Add Variety to Your Twitter Marketing

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There are seven easy ways you can add variety and spice up your marketing efforts using Twitter according to this latest insightful read by Joanne Sweeney-Burke at the Social Media Examiner.

Joanne suggests the following as possible options:

  1. Create a poll and enable voters to get notifications on results. Using a poll gets customers involved and if you comment on the results, you can showcase your expertise.
  2. Use periscope to stream live events as it can help create a higher viewership.
  3. Link your website to your Twitter feed so people who follow you can be directed to your business’ website.
  4. Monitor trending news and come up with a way to add your own angle to the discussion. Then chime in with your tweets and capitalize on the discussion so you can gain greater public exposure as a thought leader.
  5. Tag influencers in your tweets if you think the content is of interest to them and/or they wrote it. With any luck they will retweet your tweet to their audience.
  6. Post daily or weekly videos with daily tips or company updates.
  7. Finally, by curating highlights of an event and embedding them in your feed, it enriches the follower experience if they click on a curated event.

All of these tactics, if done right, can increase twitter followers and engagement. We certainly use some of these to help build an engaged Twitter audience so hopefully these can also be applied to your next campaign.

Please let us know in the comments section if you agree, disagree or have additional techniques you would recommend.

Key Takeaways:

  • When sharing a link to your site on Twitter, use a Twitter Card plugin to ensure the image and title look good when posted to Twitter.
  • Put the link in the middle of the Tweet for a 26% higher chance of getting it retweeted than if put at the beginning or end.
  • Work out how you can add value to a trending topic before joining the conversation.

Key Quote:

“Get Visual on Twitter – Twitter will reward you for visual storytelling. You can add images to your tweets without losing a single character, so that’s an added bonus.”

Read the full article here:

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