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7 Ways to Keep Your Customers Begging for More

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When’s the last time you experienced great customer service? Now, what about poor customer service? How did you feel after both experiences? Customer service is an essential (and might be the most important) part of your business model according to the writer of the following article. In it, Martin Zwilling explains how to really win your customers over time and again.

As an entrepreneur you want to create a brand that will bring in as many customers as possible who then go to their friends and start talking about how great your business is. Reading this article will help you learn to really empower your employees and yourself to go the “extra mile” for your customers. If you follow these short and easy steps you will well on your way to creating lifetime brand advocates!

Key Takeaways:

  • Customer support has increased greatly in recent years but many employees don’t know how to show true support to customers. As such, customer service policies should be planned in the beginning of a store opening.
  • Customers prefer to talk to a real person, it makes them feel unimportant when they have to be on hold a long time or have to answer a lot of questions to get to a person.
  • Customer support should treat everyone as important as they do those buying a product. If you irritate someone dealing with customer service they may go to another store next time.

Key Quote:

“The proper time to put a formal program in place to improve your customer experience, with measurements of both cost and value, is before your first product or service hits the market.”


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