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8 Elements of Persuasive Ad Copy

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8 Elements of Persuasive Ad Copy

Ad copy is going to draw people in. You need to make points that are easy to understand, and yet make a compelling argument at the same time. You may want to use key buzzwords within the ad copy in order to make sure people are drawn into the copy.

As much as we care about new forms of communication, social media the basic tenets of good ad copy have not changed. You need to know the pulse of your audience, above everything else. Good ad copy does take time to develop.

Key Takeaways:

  • Keep things as concise and simple as you possibly can and avoid flowery or esoteric language
  • It is always better to show something than it is to simply tell it, so offer your audience plenty of proof to back up your claims
  • Try posing a question at the very opening line of the ad, as this is proven to engage audiences

“Being authentic should be your guidepost at all times, because the authentic and effective ads are better than just effective alone.”

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