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8 Highly Effective Perks to Motivate Employees

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Life at a Silicon Valley company with unlimited employee resources sounds peachy to most of us. The truth is too much of a good thing can be bad, if not properly reigned in. Taking a nap at work is a great way to rest the mind for creativity but we can’t have our employees sleeping the full day away can we?

While that is a purposely simple example, there are highly effective ways to subtly motivate an office without leaving yourself exposed to potential misuse. Everyone loves to get out of the office on a nice day so why not hold the odd meeting outside. Cater some food. Make a barbecue out of it.

Employees appreciate a flexible work schedule that allows them to volunteer. An old insurance firm my friend worked at once allowed their office to volunteer sandbagging hoping to limit damage from an oncoming flood. It was a great team building experience that allowed them to bond further in a relationship that was more than just co-workers.

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