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8 Modern Link Acquisition Tactics That Work

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It is the quality of links, not quantity, that is the most important ranking factor according to this recent article by Ron Dod at Search Engine Journal. He asserts that search engines like Google utilize this link metric as a means of delivering the most relevant results to users. For example, in terms of quantity, one link can be favoured if it shows quality over a none quality link.

However he contends that many link strategies currently being employed by SEO consultants simply do not work. Instead he offers some tips on the way he approaches link acquisition in the current climate. These are not just search engine related but can include the use of email campaigns and social media.

Links can be found in all sorts of places and it is the quality of each acquisition which is more important when compared to the quantitative figure. One strategy he advises is to utilize long form content creation and promotion for high quality link acquisition. Relationship marketing also remains key.

Read the full article linked to below to see the other 7 tactics he advises at this point in 2017.

Key Takeaways:

  • Link quality remains an important ranking factor.
  • A lot of link strategies SEO consultants use simply don’t work.
  • You need to add value to the site you are creating content for during your outreach process. Think about how your content will help that sites userbase.

Key Quote:

“Infographic Creation & Promption – The main strategy should be to create an infographic that focuses on your customers and target market and what those people want to see or hear.”

Read the full article here:

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