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Artificial Intelligence & SEO: 5 Strategies You Need to Follow

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Google does not just focus on grouped keywords when it comes to the search queries that are performed on their engine. Instead, they are able to give direct answers to some of the most unique queries that they’re met with. In order to utilize their strategy for your own success, it is vital to optimize every keyword or phrase that may be associated with your business. Software models such as Moz can implement artificial intelligence in order to complete this automatically.

Key Takeaways:

  • Millions of queries are delivered to Google every day even though Google has engineered the gathering of search queries.
  • When Google answers a search query with results, it first shows direct answers to the query before organic search results are shown.
  • Google is using Artificial Intelligence in SEO and it helps searchers to arrive at more relevant and even important results.

“These days, people need and want definite answers from Google. Instead of typing just a couple of words, we nowadays type of speak a whole sentence, making it more complex for Google to return the right search result to match user intent.”

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