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Avoid This Season’s Latest Data Theft Scam

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Hackers will try to dupe you or your employees by sending a PDF of all W-2 for this financial year. Hacker’s are not using nasty viruses. They use a little social engineering and send emails which appear to be a regular email from an executive at your company.

A hacker will spoof a CEO’s or CFO’s email address and send a request to an employee in payroll asking for a PDF of all employees’ W-2s .They steal personal information and even swipe personal information from dozens of companies, government agencies, healthcare companies, and hospitals.

You need to tell your employees about these types of phishing schemes and explain that they should take care while sending W-2s via email. You should train your staff to stop clicking on links in emails, to think before replying to messages, and to never send personal information belonging to them or fellow employees to anyone. This is a threat everyone is facing and it should be taken seriously.

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