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Best Dentists With Disabled Access In Kent

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In part II of our disabled access in Kent series we’re going to look at Dentists. The aim of the project is to find the best places in Kent that combine great disabled access with excellent customer reviews. You can read up about the whole project here.

Best Dentists With Disabled Access In Kent

Everyone loves a trip to the dentist right? I mean who in their right mind doesn’t like the sound of the whiny drill and patient yelps? I am of course kidding. The visit to dentists can be a stressful experience for just about anyone but it can even more stressful for those of us in a wheelchair and here’s why.

I remember when I was younger my mum found it very hard to find a disabled friendly dentist. A lot of the surgeries had stairs into the building. So the added stress of not being able to gain access and/or being manhandled into the building was never a pleasant experience.

Knowing this I decided to look into dentist facilities in and around Kent. Now you’d think being in the public health sector that most dentists would have disabled access. Unfortunately, you’d be wrong.

Denstists Disabled Access Criteria

So what facilities does a disabled person look for in a dentist? There are three main aspects:

1. Step free access into the building,
2. Wide doors for our clunky equipment and,
3. Disabled parking either on-site or close by.

So why are the criteria important?

Well, the wide door and step-free access mean that a wheelchair user, or someone with difficulty walking, will be able to get into the practice. There’s nothing worse than getting somewhere and realising your wheelchair doesn’t fit through the door. Or that there is a massive step into the building.

In regards to disabled parking, this ensures we’ve got enough space to open the door of our car, with enough space to assemble our equipment without damaging anyone else’s car. Believe me, no one needs that insurance claim!

In addition, disabled parking spaces are normally closer to the surgery so you don’t have to travel far. This is especially important if you have difficulty walking and/or are in a wheelchair user.

Top 4 Dentists With Disabled Access In Kent

The following are the top 4 dentists that I could find with disabled access in Kent. They ticked all the access boxes we set out with and also had great customer reviews. So all in all a great package for all wheelchair users.

If there is anyone I have missed off who think deserves to be added to this list, please don’t hesitate to let us know. Thanks and happy, bright white smiles!

Best dentists with disabled access in Kent

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