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Best Osteopaths With Disabled Access In Kent

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In today’s post we’re going to look at the best Osteopaths with disabled access in Kent. It’s part of an ongoing project to highlight venues and public services which have disabled access in Kent. You can read up about the whole project here.

Best Osteopaths With Disabled Access In Kent

Everyone loves having their back clicked right? I can’t be the only one? The sweet sound of the air being pushed out from between your bones. Just me? Hmm, OK.

In all seriousness, I do love it. And why should a disabled person miss out on such a great experience? It’s the reason I’ve put together the following list of Kent Osteopaths who offer disabled access.

Osteopaths With Disabled Access Criteria

As a disabled person, when you’re looking for an Osteopath you’re most likely aware of the following three issues when thinking about visiting most venues:

1. Is there disabled parking or at least somewhere to park with a decent amount of surrounding space?
2. Are there any steps into the building?
3. Does the facility have sufficiently wide enough doors for a wheelchair user to get through?

Your average Joe reading this might be wondering why this matters? Well, when you’re in a wheelchair or have any other disability for that matter, finding somewhere to park close enough so that you don’t have to push or limp half a mile to where you want to go is a nightmare. Especially when this involves different aids such as a wheelchair or a walking frame.

Osteopaths With Disabled Access Car Parking

We’ve all been there when some inconsiderate so and so has parked way too close to your car. This is an added problem when you’re in a wheelchair. You have to be able to open the door wide enough to get you and you’re bulky equipment out of the car.

There is nothing worse than having a stress headache from parking your car only to then find you can’t fit through the building’s doors! Not only that but you then realise there is a step the size of Kilimanjaro which you now have to overcome. You’re drawing even more attention to yourself than normal.

It’s just not an ideal situation for a disabled person to be in. All we want is for our backs to be clicked without this additional agro. After all, we do spend a lot of time sitting in our wheelchairs.

So I hope this information is of great use to you. If you know of other Osteopaths in Kent that offer great disabled access facilities, please do let me know and I’ll add to this graphic.

Best Osteopaths With Disabled Access In Kent

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