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Best Physiotherapists With Disabled Access In Kent

Kent Podiatrist website

As part of our ongoing series on the best places with disabled access in Kent, today we’re going to be looking at Physiotherapists. If you are disabled like I am, you’ve probably met quite a few Physiotherapists in your time. They are in many ways part-time superheroes!

From my personal experience, when you’re under 18 you can often get one physio session a week provided by the NHS at your local hospital. However, when you turn 18 the game changes. Due to funding issues, trips to your normal physio can become less and less frequent. This means you may have to shop around and the likelihood is it’s going to cost you a bit more and you’re going to need to check for disabled access.

Best Physiotherapist With Disabled Access In Kent

Now you’d think most Physiotherapist offices would be disabled friendly. Sadly that’s not always the case. As such, I ’ve put together the below list of disabled access private physios within the Kent area so you can find the right one close to you.

What did I need to consider when trying to find disabled access physios? Well, the main things I look for are:

1. Decent parking,
2. Wide enough doors to fit your wheelchair through and,
3. No huge steps to contend with.

Why This Criteria?

For me, there’s nothing worse than coming out of your physio session only to find some inconsiderate idiot has parked their obnoxiously large car right next to yours. Having been stretched within an inch of your life, you’re in no mood for waiting around. But sadly that’s what you have to do.

Without access to your car, all you can do is sit there awkwardly in the cold and wait for the owner to wander back from doing their weekly shop. As you can no doubt tell, this has happened to me on numerous occasions and it’s not fun!

In an ideal world, you want a big disabled space with loads of room to get your equipment in out of your car. So that’s criteria point 1.

Big Steps and Tiny Doors Are A No No!

You also don’t want to get to your physio appointment to then realise your first test is to climb a massive step or slide yourself through a tiny door into the practice. Preferably you want no stairs and wide doors as the next hour isn’t likely to be fun so this extra hassle/stress is not ideal.

So I hope the following info is useful for you. If there’s anyone I’ve missed off, please let me know and I will look to update it.

Best Physiotherapists With Disabled Access In Kent

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