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AJC Asbestos

A 78% Increase In Qualified Leads

AJC Environmental, an asbestos surveyor company covering London, Essex, and Kent, needed to enhance its lead generation and client acquisition in a highly specialised and competitive market. 

Despite offering comprehensive asbestos surveys, management, and removal services, their online visibility and lead conversion rates fell short of their growth objectives. The company had dabbled with Facebook and Google Ads but found the CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) too high to see a healthy ROI. AJC Environmental decided to partner with Smoking Chili Media to overhaul their marketing strategy, focusing on Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising to target potential clients quickly and more effectively.

The Background

The company was relatively new but had quickly earned a reputation in the industry for its expertise and compliance with UK health and safety regulations. However, the issue of effectively reaching their target audience—property owners, construction companies, and real estate developers—in need of asbestos surveying services became increasingly apparent. Aaron, the company owner’s primary goals were to improve online visibility to generate high-quality leads and increase the conversion rate of leads to clients.


To grow the number of qualified leads and clients, we created targeted PPC campaigns focusing on users who intended to hire asbestos surveying services rather than those seeking information on asbestos or asbestos management.

Strategy & Implementation

We devised a multi-faceted approach to get the most out of PPC and achieve AJC Environmental’s goals. Our strategy included the following:

Keyword Research and Selection

We conducted in-depth research to identify high-intent keywords related to asbestos surveying, management, and removal services. This included both long tail and short niche keywords to capture potential clients.

Geographic Targeting

We implemented geographical targeting strategies to focus on regions with the highest demand for asbestos surveying services, such as urban areas and regions with older buildings requiring compliance checks.

Ad Copy

We created compelling, informative ad copy highlighting AJC Environmental’s unique selling propositions, such as certified expertise, comprehensive services, and quick turnaround times. A/B testing was utilised to get the highest engagement from our ads.

Landing Page Development

We created separate optimised landing pages for each PPC campaign, provided detailed information on services, encouraged inquiries through easy-to-use contact forms, and displayed previous client testimonials to build trust.

Conversion Tracking and Analytics

Setting up advanced conversion tracking to monitor campaign performance in real-time is vital for successful PPC campaigns. This allows for rapid adjustments to optimise cost-per-lead and conversion rates.

Budget Management

We assigned the budget to the most effective campaigns and ad groups and adjusted bids to gain visibility for the most valuable keywords while maintaining cost efficiency.

The Results

  • Within two months, AJC Environmental witnessed transformative results from their targeted PPC campaigns:
  • A 78% increase in qualified leads from PPC ads, showing a significant increase in targeted traffic with a high intent to employ asbestos surveying services.
  • A 55% increase in client acquisition rate from online leads, reflecting the improved quality of the leads and the effectiveness of landing pages in converting interest into action.
  • A 45% decrease in cost-per-lead, indicating the efficiency gains achieved through refined keyword strategies, ad copy optimisation, and budget reallocation.

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The partnership between AJC Environmental and Smoking Chili Media proved pivotal in accelerating the company’s growth objectives. Using a data-driven approach to PPC advertising allowed us to significantly increase the company’s online visibility, attract higher-quality leads, and convert these leads into valuable clients. This case study demonstrates the potential of targeted digital marketing strategies in highly specialised industries, revealing the power of PPC to drive business success in competitive sectors like asbestos surveying services.

Like Aaron, you too can see your leads and conversions increase with our PPC campaign services. Let our expert team optimise your Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Microsoft Ads, or other platforms that are a match for your business. 

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