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Diamond Window Shutters

Diamond Window Shutters, a Kent-based supply and fit window shutter company, faced a problem many website owners will resonate with. As a long-established company, with a content-rich website, they were getting visitors, but only a small percentage were converting into customers. Recognising the potential of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising but lacking expertise, Diamond Windows partnered with Smoking Chili Media as their PPC campaign management agency.

This case study summarises the challenges Diamond Windows faced, the strategies we implemented, and the impactful results that followed.

The Background

Diamond Shutters had a solid local presence and is well known in Sidcup as a company offering high-quality, customisable window shutters with top-notch customer service. However, their online sales needed to reflect their market potential. The primary challenges were non-converting website traffic, underperforming ads, and a high cost-per-acquisition (CPA).

PPC Objectives

Our main goal was to increase the number of converting visitors by driving targeted “ready to buy” traffic to the company’s website. This would ultimately increase sales while reducing the CPA.

Strategy & Implementation

First, we did a comprehensive audit of Diamond’s existing digital marketing measures and found several areas for improvement. We split the implementation into several phases:

Keyword Optimisation

Using various tools and software, our extensive keyword research identified high buyer intent keywords specific to window shutters. This ensured the ads only appeared for searches most likely to convert.

Ad Copy 

Our writers brainstormed compelling ad copy highlighting Diamond Shutter’s unique selling points, such as custom shutter designs, durability, and competitive pricing. We used A/B testing to define the most effective copy.

Landing Pages

We developed dedicated, optimised landing pages for each PPC campaign to improve user experience and conversion rates. we customised the pages to precise customer demographics and matching ad copy.


Implementing geo-targeting is important for companies who work in a certain district. Delivering ads specific to a visitor’s location is a way to engage with nearby homeowners. We take advantage of geo-targeting technology to display highly relevant ads based on user location, improving campaign effectiveness for our clients.

Budget Reallocation

After a few weeks, we could see which ads were the best performers. Based on continuous monitoring and analysis, we shifted Diamond’s budget allocation to the best-performing campaigns and ad groups.

Retargeting Campaigns

Retargeting is a powerful advertising technique used to re-engage visitors who did not convert during their first website visit, using customised messaging based on their interaction with the site.

The Results

  • The PPC campaign overhaul led to remarkable results over a four-month period:

    • We achieved a 65% increase in website traffic from PPC ads.
    • PPC campaigns generated a 120% increase in online sales for the company.
    • We lowered the Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) by 40%, significantly reducing marketing costs and increasing profitability.
    • We worked on improving ad relevance scores, which leads to lower costs per click (CPC) and higher ad positions.


Diamond Shutters’ partnership with Smoking Chili Media, working as their PPC services management agency, proved to be a turning point in the company’s digital marketing. The strategic development of their pay-per-click campaigns not only improved their conversion rate but also optimised their marketing spend, highlighting the value of hiring professional PPC management for Google Ads, Bing Ads, and social media PPC. 

Diamond Window Shutters of Kent is now positioned as a forward-thinking, digitally savvy company within the window shutter industry. The owners are ready to build on this success and explore new growth opportunities.

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Our partnership with Diamond Shutters shows how a targeted PPC campaign can work to convert more visitors into customers. 

By focusing on local searches, keywords with high buyer intent, and designing landing pages to resonate with the search term, we can grow your online presence quickly, leading to increased enquiries and sales.

This case study demonstrates our commitment to using PPC to propel companies to succeed in competitive markets.

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