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Edward Ashdale
Smoking Chili Media successfully increased Edward Ashdale first page rankings on Google, resulting in a doubling of organic traffic to their website and a big boost in enquiries, sales and listings! Find out how. Click the image below.
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The Problem:

London based estate agents Edward Ashdale wanted to increase their search engine visibility. They were not in the top 20 ranking positions for the local property market keywords their prospects were searching for.

The Solution:

We undertook a thorough keyword analysis of the local property market and agreed a target priority list with the Edward Ashdale management team. We also compiled a full Technical SEO Site Audit of the website, highlighting the issues that needed to be addressed, and sent it to the companies website developers for a full SEO compliance implementation.

Edward Ashdales’ top competitors were investigated to discover backlink and relationship marketing opportunities. We then reached out to the publishers we had identified and agreed different cross promotional collaborations.

The site as a whole was keyword optimised and topically relevant content was written for the blog and shared via social media channels to increase engagement and following.

The Result:

120% increase in the total number of keywords indexed on Google with 82% of these achieving page 1 positions.

In addition overall organic traffic more than doubled with a 112% increase.

As a result, the Edward Ashdale management team reported a large increase in new client inquiries and new sales and letting listings.

Summary :

  • Keyword Research,
  • Technical SEO Site Audit,
  • Competitor Analysis Backlinks & Relationship Opportunities Report,
  • Google Analytics Configuration, Sales Funnel Visualisation & Goal Tracking,
  • Full SEO Compliance Implementation,
  • Keyword Landing Pages Optimisation Programme,
  • Content Marketing Planning, Content Production and Implementation,
  • Relationship Marketing & Outreach Campaign with Estate Agent Bloggers,

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