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Transforming Conservatories

28% Extra Sales, Year-on-Year

Transforming Conservatories, a company specialising in roof replacement and constructing high-quality conservatories, recognised the benefits of enhancing their online visibility to tap into a broader customer base. They decided to invest in a website revamp, and professional SEO services to increase their website’s traffic and, consequently, generate more leads. Their search for a dependable partner led them to Smoking Chili Media, as our proven track record speaks for itself.

Understanding the specific challenges for contracting businesses to be found by their target market, we designed a bespoke website for Transforming Conservatories. This plan was comprehensive, addressing both technical and content-related aspects of SEO for the new website.

Transforming Conservatories
28% Extra Sales, Year-on-Year

Company Background

Transforming Conservatories is a long-standing, reputable company based in Kent. It specialises in designing, installing, and renovating conservatories, with a particular focus on replacing old and inefficient conservatory roofs. For more than thirty years, Transforming Conservatories has provided high-quality extensions for homeowners in the southeast, using the latest materials and technologies for energy efficiency and aesthetic appeal.

The Challenge

Despite a strong portfolio and high customer satisfaction rate, Transforming Conservatories faced a common challenge in reaching potential customers online. Their old website design was outdated and needed to rank better on search engines for key terms related to their business. This lack of visibility resulted in few online enquiries, limiting their market reach and growth potential.
The Challenge

The Intervention: Hiring Smoking Chili Media

Transforming Conservatories decided to enlist our team’s services at Smoking Chili Media. They had been told we are a professional company known for our expertise in building websites and helping them increase their search engine rankings. 

When building the site, we launched a comprehensive strategy focusing on several key areas:

Keyword Research and Optimisation: We identified and targeted specific keywords and phrases with intent related to conservatory installation and roof replacement services that potential customers were searching for online. These were added to brand new landing pages we created for the site.

Content Enhancement: We updated the existing articles from the old site, and wrote new, informative blog posts that addressed common customer questions and highlighted the company’s expertise and products.

Technical SEO: We never forget a website’s technical aspects, including site speed, mobile responsiveness, and internal linking structure, to enhance user experience and search engine indexing.

Local SEO: we optimised Transforming Conservatories online presence for local searches, so they appeared prominently in search results for conservatory services in nearby areas.

Backlink Building: We developed a strategy to acquire high-quality backlinks from reputable sites in the home improvement and construction industry, increasing the site’s authority and search rankings.

Social Media Management: As a contracting company with deadlines to meet, Transforming Conservatories had little time to spend on social media. We took over this important aspect of their marketing plan, further encouraging Facebook and Instagram users to visit the new website.

The Results

After several months launching the new site, and implementing the SEO strategy, Transforming Conservatories witnessed a remarkable improvement in their website’s performance:

Increased Web Traffic: The website’s daily visitors increased by approximately 85 to 100 daily visitors, a significant upturn from the previous average. This was primarily attributed to improved rankings for key search terms, with multiple keywords appearing on the first page of search results.

Enhanced Online Visibility: Transforming Conservatories saw a noticeable improvement in their online visibility in organic search results and local directories and maps, making it easier for potential customers to find them.

Higher Conversion Rate: With more targeted traffic coming to the site, the number of enquiries and quote requests from potential customers increased, leading to more sales.

The Results


The collaboration between Transforming Conservatories and Smoking Chili Media demonstrates the transformative power of effective SEO practices for businesses in specialised contractor niches. Transforming Conservatories saw an upturn in quality web traffic by improving online visibility through strategic keyword targeting, content enhancement, and technical optimisations. As a result, it now connects with more potential customers looking for conservatory installations and renovations. This case study exemplifies the importance of SEO as a necessary part of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy in today’s competitive home extension market.

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