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78% Increase in Orders – Urban Bait
Smoking Chili Media is committed to providing excellent results, and we always practice what we preach. We work with Urban Bait, a premium fish bait company based in Ashford, Kent, and since we took over the company’s SEO, most of their pages now show on the first page of Google, compared to their previous second and their previous 2nd and 3rd page positions. This has led to an impressive 78% increase in orders.

The Problem:

Urban Bait had built a successful business from the ground up in a short period of time, but had reached a plateau. Operating in a highly competitive online market, they wanted to increase their brand recognition and online sales whilst remaining profitable.

As a UK based Carp bait company, they had built a reasonably large Facebook following but were struggling to keep up with their competitors content strategy. They wanted to increase organic and direct traffic to their site, increase online sales and develop a content strategy that would help increase their social media following and community.

The Solution:

We undertook an extensive keyword research project to discover the keywords Urban Baits’ customer prospects were using Google to search for. We then created a target list and got to work optimising the site’s existing category and product pages.

We also initiated an extensive Technical SEO site audit to identify onsite issues that were affecting the clients search engine presence. The issues we identified were too numerous to resolve within the existing web design framework. It was thus decided that a new website should be built in accordance with our best practice Technical SEO guidelines.

We then developed a content marketing plan to target long tail keyword opportunities via a video and blog tutorial program. This process enabled us to position Urban Bait as the go to authority on any number of Carp fishing related topics. This educational series helped to solve genuine problems Urban Baits’ customer prospects were facing and, as a result, help to build rapport and brand loyalty.

These factors, combined with a strategic relationship marketing campaign with fishing bloggers, online magazine publishers and fishing retailers, led to huge growth in direct traffic, page 1 Google rankings and organic traffic.

The Result:

The Urban Bait campaign has been hugely successful with a substantial 168% increase in the number of target keywords indexed and ranking on page 1 of Google, 61% overall increase in organic traffic, 80% increase in direct traffic and a 76% increase in sales!

In addition the YouTube channel saw a 51% increase in subscribers.

Combined, this increased online visibility has enabled Urban Bait to increase their market share and sales, all whilst building a sustainable and engaged social media audience and community.

Summary :

  • New Website Build & Development,
  • Keyword Research,
  • Technical SEO Site Audit,
  • Competitor Analysis Backlinks & Relationship Opportunities Report,
  • Google Analytics Configuration, Sales Funnel Visualisation & Goal Tracking,
  • Full SEO Compliance Implementation,
  • New Site Structure Navigation Plan,
  • Keyword Landing Pages Optimisation Programme,
  • Content Marketing Planning, Content Production and Implementation,
  • Relationship Marketing & Outreach Campaign with Fishing Bloggers, retailers and publications
  • Remarketing Campaign Banner Design, Implementation, Testing & Management.

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