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Content and links: Why collaborating with your client is so key to success

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Are you making the most of the talents in both yours and your clients teams? If you’re running a content and link building campaign for a client, it’s vital that you tap into the know how and insights different parts of the team have if you want to make it a success. For we all take different approaches to problem solving and you’ll be amazed at how each cog in the chain can help with the whole. So let’s break it down:

The Content and Link Building Stakeholders

PR – These people have ways and means of reaching influencers that maybe you don’t. So it’s vital to get them on board with your overall content and link building strategy to see how they can use their talents to help implement the plan. 

SEOs – These guys and gals are needed to do redirects for old pages, to fix major technical issues and do a lot of the nitty gritty tasks. They can also peer under the hood of your competitors, see what links they are getting and provide a great list of potential relationship targets.

Outreach specialists – They know how to connect with webmasters and build meaningful relationships so make sure they know who you want to target and why. You need a really good one to get results.

Business owners – You need to listen to the business owner when they speak because they have lived and breathed the landscape longer than anyone.

Developers – It is a good thing to know the developers of your clients website and also to be on their good side because they hold an awful lot of power and need to be onside for big implementation projects.

You should build links by employing different strategies based on your teams abilities and have more than one person working on each client account. A team member in PR, for example, might point out something that someone in the outreach team didn’t think to consider. As such getting feedback from other team members is always a good idea.

Ask what they think about which link building relationship opportunities they like, the reasons why and also which ones they don’t like. By keeping the team regularly engaged in the process you’ll be able to adapt and hone your strategy through the implementation phase for the best end results.

Key Takeaways:

  • Communication with your client is vital in assuring you get the right message to end users.
  • A good SEO can be the difference between a successful and unsuccessful ad campaign.
  • One of the greatest weaknesses of teamwork is the biased nature of your group like thinking. So get the client to look on your plans with fresh eyes.

“While any good link builder can analyze a link profile and keep the link momentum going, SEOs are needed to do all sorts of things (to overgeneralize).”

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