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Content Marketing Packages & Social Media Packages:

Do you want to increase sales and enquiries through your website? Want to build a sales funnel that leads to repeat business time and time again? Then you need to create high quality content at scale, engage with your target prospects through social media and rank on page on page one of Google for the keywords they are searching for.

By helping readers to solve problems they are having, you build rapport and trust, so you can sell them the solutions you offer. With our content marketing and social media packages, you can do just that.

Quality Content at Scale + Social Media = Sales

We’ll find the topically relevant news and blog posts that are important to your market and share them via your social channels. We’ll build an audience of highly engaged prospects and produce the high quality unique content that helps your audience solve problems, gets them into your sales funnel and increases your sales.

When online marketing is done well and done right, a website can make sales and grow at unprecedented rates. Our pricing structure illustrates the types of packages we deliver to clients worldwide, which allows them to build relationships with their target market..

Call us at 020 3289 5595 or email for a FREE no obligation consultation and we’ll be happy to help you.
Case Study : Transforming Conservatories achieved a notable increase in new clients after Smoking Chili Media revamped their website.
Case Study : After hiring Smoking Chili Media to comprehensively redesign their website, Victoria’s Shutters experienced a considerable increase in business enquiries.

Call us at 020 3289 5595 or email for a FREE no obligation consultation and we’ll be happy to help you.