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Facebook Ads Management Services: Reach Your Target Market

Facebook Ads management

For any eCommerce business that wants to scale and grow in 2024 and beyond, Facebook advertising is a holy grail digital marketing strategy.

But running an ads campaign is challenging. For busy business owners, correctly setting up an ad account is often too time-consuming and difficult, as there are just too many things to learn and monitor in the Facebook ads manager.

This is why we offer Facebook ads campaign management to help business owners overcome these obstacles and grow their brand in 2024 without making costly beginner mistakes.

Facebook Ads Management services

What Are The Advantages of Facebook Advertising?

There are countless benefits to using social media advertising. These include:

  • Expanded reach and brand awareness
  • A vast pool of potential customers
  • Targeted traffic to a website or online store
  • The capability to precisely target ads to people interested in your offerings
  • Flexibility and control over ad campaigns
  • Advanced customer engagement 
  • A better ROI than traditional advertising methods

Facebook advertising can be an incredibly lucrative investment for enterprises of all sizes. By partnering with a digital marketing company like Smoking Chili Media that specialises in PPC ads, you can be sure that your advertising account is set up correctly and running effectively to maximise your ROI and increase sales.

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What's Included In Our Facebook AdS Service?

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Audience Targeting

Facebook’s algorithm is one of the most powerful marketing tools available today, making it an effective way of promoting products and services. 

With Facebook ads, you can target your adverts to reach people based on their location, gender, age, interests, and even their online shopping behaviour. 

This allows us to target your campaigns with extreme precision, ensuring that they reach the people most likely to become paying customers.

If you’re not using Facebook ads to their full potential, you’re missing out on a tremendous opportunity to engage with your target market.

Ad Design

The ad design is as important as the targeting. 

It is useless to target the right people if the advert does not look good and attract people to click it. A well-designed ad will grab attention, convey the right message, and inspire people to take action.

At Smoking Chili Media, our creative graphic designers can produce unique Facebook ads to achieve your marketing goals.

We will collaborate with you to create a design representing your brand, engaging your target audience, and persuading them to act.

Advert Copywriting

The effectiveness of an ad campaign also depends on the ad copy used. A poorly written ad will not grab the audience’s attention. A skilled copywriter is required to write compelling ad copy that gets clicked and drives traffic to your website.

Our expert in-house ad copywriters create eye-catching ads that will send traffic to your landing page. They write copy that resonates with the target audience.

If you need help producing irresistible ads, look no further than our team.

Landing Page A/B Split Testing

There’s a method we use called A/B testing, which helps improve ad conversions. It involves showing different versions of your ad to groups of people to discover which one works better. This way, we can determine which parts of your campaign need improvement and make changes, so more people click your ads and buy your products.

We specialise in A/B testing for both the ads themselves and the landing pages. We set up tests, monitor the results, and make suggestions on how to improve the advertising campaign. 

Facebook Advertising Analytics

The only way to find out if you are getting a worthwhile ROI investment on PPC campaigns is to track the results of the campaigns over time and analyse them based on your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

At our agency, we understand that every penny you spend on advertising is important. That’s why we’re dedicated to offering top-notch Facebook ads management services. Our team of professionals will get the most out of your ad budget by using creative solutions for the best return on your investment.

Which Ad Formats Do Our Facebook Ads Management Services Use?

When it comes to advertising on Facebook, there are different ways to display your ads. For ecommerce online stores, some of the most common ad types we use are:

Single Images: These are an ideal way to display a single product or service.

Carousel Ads: With carousel ads you can post a series of photos to tell a story or present several products.

Video Ads: Video ads are engaging and entice clicks.

Catalogue Sales Ads: This is a recently added Facebook ad format that lets sellers highlight their products in an appealing way.

UGC Ads: User-generated content ads are brand-specific ads created with customer content. UGC comes in many formats, including videos, photos, reviews, testimonials, etc.

There are other types of Facebook ad formats. The format we suggest depends on a company’s products, target audience, and budget.

What Type of Targeting Do We Use For Our Facebook Ads?

Facebook advertising offers the benefit of reaching people most likely to be interested in what you offer. This allows us to engage with a pool of potential customers interested in your product or service, compared to other advertising methods. Some of our most used targeting strategies include:

Location Targeting

Location targeting allows advertisers to show ads to people based on their location, which is ideal for brick-and-mortar shops, service-based businesses, or online businesses that only deliver to specific locations. You can select entire countries, regions within a country like cities or counties, or a radius around a location based on how many miles your customer is likely to want to travel.

Age and Gender Targeting

Age and gender targeting lets us show adverts to specific age groups and genders.

Interest Targeting

Interest targeting allows us to present ads to people depending on their hobbies and interests. For example, if you sell pet accessories, you can target ads to dog or cat owners.

Behavioural Targeting

Behavioural targeting lets us display our ads based on a person’s online behaviour.

Custom Audiences Targeting

Custom audience targeting lets us build custom audiences of existing or past customers. This is one of the most effective targeting options on Facebook.

Lookalike Audiences

LLA is a great way to reach people similar to existing or past customers. These are people likely to be interested in what you sell.

What Do Facebook Ad Services Cost?

The cost of Facebook advertising services depends on several factors individual to your business, such as the services required and ad objectives.

In general, we price our Facebook ads agency services in one of four ways:

  • We charge a percentage of the ad spend
  • You pay a fixed monthly fee + a percentage of the ad spend
  • We can arrange a fixed monthly fee plus a revenue share
  • We charge a fixed flat fee


We offer free consultations to show our clients the types of results they can expect depending on their goals.

When we understand the internal operations of your business and what you wish to achieve, we can create a custom proposal for you.

What Are Some Best Practices For Profitable Facebook Ads?

There are some things we’ve learned from direct experience through creating advertising campaigns for eCommerce businesses on Facebook. These include:

  • Test, test, and test
  • Document your progress to build on what you learn
  • Test factors outside the FB Business Ad Manager, such as pricing, special deals and landing pages.

The Steps When You Hire Smoking Chili Media as Your Facebook Advertising Agency


We can chat on the phone, via Zoom or Skype, to discuss your needs, what you sell, and your challenges and see if we’re a good fit to work on your Facebook campaigns.

Account Setup & Research

Once you agree to our proposal, we will send you a detailed questionnaire and schedule a call with your account manager.

Campaign Development

During the initial call, we will build a marketing strategy by establishing precise goals and objectives.


We develop a creative strategy and draft ad copy and creatives. Once you approve of the ads, the campaigns will go live.

Ongoing Management

After launching the ads, we continuously monitor and optimise the campaigns for optimal results.

Reporting & Analysis

You will receive regular detailed reports, including analysis and recommendations.

Optimisation and Scaling

As we discover what works and what does not, we optimise and scale ads accordingly, while continuing to create new ad designs.

We Offer More Than Ad Campaign Management

As well as Facebook ads management services, you may need help in other areas of marketing. Maybe your website could do with a revamp, or you need to improve your organic search ranking.

To improve your business’s online visibility, we offer varied marketing strategies to help you reach your goals. 

Whether you need Google Ads management, SEO, web design or development, social media management, or any other marketing services, we’ve got you covered. When working with us, you can simplify your marketing by getting everything you need from one agency.

Our expert team can scale your marketing as your business grows.

Ready to speak with a marketing specialist? Call us on 020 3289 5595 or fill out our online form.

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