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Facebook PPC Management

Are you overly reliant on one source of traffic, like Google natural search, for the majority of sales? Have you tried Pay Per Click (PPC) Google Ads and Facebook advertising campaigns, but not seen a high enough return on your investment (ROI) to continue? Have you tried remarketing to customers who have visited your site but left before completing a desired action like buying from you? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you are not alone as these are all common problems that companies face. That is why our Facebook PPC Management service could be ideal for you.

There Are Multiple Facebook PPC Management Campaign Options

Did you know that you can upload your past and present customers’ email addresses and phone numbers into Facebook to target ads at them and them only? Let us tell you a little more…

Facebook Existing Customers Targeting:

How we do it:
We upload your past customers’ emails, phone numbers, names and addresses into Facebook to find them on Facebook and target specific offers to bring you more repeat business.

Benefits of Existing Customer Targeting:

  1. We can target your most loyal customers and encourage them to continue purchasing by letting them know about your latest products, latest offers, discount codes, customer loyalty rewards (i.e. spend X today and get Y free), etc.
  2. These campaigns do not spend as much as normal ads and have better conversion results than other types of campaigns. This is because the ads are shown to those who are already familiar with your company and products.
  3. It’s easier to sell to current customers than to look for new ones, so strengthening your existing connections and upselling them on new offers and product ranges is an effective way to advertise.
  4. This works in conjunction with, and often outperforms email marketing, as typically only a proportion of your audience open the emails you send. But with Facebook targeting, far more  people on your mailing list who have a Facebook account will see your advert with your latest offers and promotions. They have to scroll past it in their newsfeed. This way it is difficult to can’t ignore you!

Existing Customer Targeting for David Lloyd Dartford:

The following video was promoted to David Lloyd Dartford members as part of our Facebook PPC Management service and enjoyed an unprecedented 20,201% ROI!

Whilst only a small campaign, it’s a great example of how targeting specific offers at existing customers can achieve new sales channels.

And here’s David Lloyd Dartfords’ very own head of tennis, Tom, to tell you how the campaign went.

Facebook Replica Audience Targeting:

How we do it:
We then run an algorithm in Facebook to find people with the same interests, income and buying habits as your regular customers (we call this a replica audience). We then target these people with offers to get them into your sales funnel, i.e. exclusive discount codes, 24 hour sales offers, opt in content bribes (like sign up here and receive this free video series on how to x, y, z).

Benefits of Replica Audience:

  1. By targeting prospects who share over 90% of the same buying behaviour and interest attributes as your best customers, it helps you save costs on ad spending since you aren’t wasting your efforts on people who are unlikely to buy from you.
  2. You can use the same best performing ad creative and offers that you use on your existing customer targeting campaigns, so saving time and money.
  3. You create a much more targeted response and performance as you can show your prospects content that they care about and are interested in. As such your cost per lead drops dramatically.

Replica Audience Targeting for Music Group Sunbathing Spiders:

The following video we promoted to a Replica Audience of Sunbathing Spiders’ mailing list as part of our Facebook PPC Management service. This campaign enjoyed unprecedented sales and a number 1 position on Kings of Spins USA dance chart!

We also ran this Facebook ad for Grammy award winning artist Steve Smith of Dirty Vegas which led to sales at his intimate acoustic show in Boston.

Additional Facebook PPC Targeting Options

1. Facebook Dynamic Ads allow you to automatically target users who placed a product in a basket but, for whatever reason, did not complete the purchase. The next time the user visits Facebook, an image of the product appears in their newsfeed along with whatever additional promotional incentive you wish to offer, such as a discount code, free shipping or other. Amazon, among others, use this advertising option to great effect to generate additional sales.

These ads tend to enjoy a high ROI as the user has already shown a high purchasing intent and just failed to convert at the last moment. By offering an additional inducement and reminder, you have a great chance of completing the sale. Well worth it if you consider the marketing time and money spent getting the potential customer to your store in the first place, and then seeing them leave without making a purchase.

2. We can also add a script to your site which is able to identify every Facebook user who has visited your site and remarket offers specific to them based on the pages they visited.

3. We can then also find people with similar interests, income and buying habits as these site visitors and target them with ads to get them in your sales funnel.

Outcome: More sales to existing customers and sales to new prospects.

These campaigns are all available via our Facebook PPC Management service. Call us at 020 3289 5595 or email info@smokingchilimedia.com for a FREE consultation, and we’ll be happy to help implement this kind of campaign for you.

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