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Fact Checking Google’s Reintroduction to Featured Snippets

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Fact Checking Google’s Reintroduction to Featured Snippets

Roger Montti, of the Search Engine Journal, disagrees with the article titled “A Reintroduction to Google's Featured Snippets”, by Danny Sullivan(Google's Public Liaison for Search). In his article, Sullivan talks about how featured snippets of information drive traffic and are a good use of resources. Montti, looking at the same information, is not convinced. He feels that featured snippets do not in fact provide greater click through traffic, nor does it necessarily give searchers easy access to the information they seek.

Key Takeaways:

  • Google uses featured snippets to assist users locate the information that they are searching for, which is particularly useful for voice and mobile device searches.
  • According to a Yahoo study, there are specific key words in voice queries and in text queries that will trigger Google’s use of featured snippets.
  • While some publishers have voiced concern that featured snippets decrease traffic, Google’s Public Liaison for Search Danny Sullivan claims the opposite is true.

“The “snippet” is a relevant quote from a website that is usually shown beneath the title of the web page.”

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