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Four brand-building activities that lay the foundation for SEO

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Four brand-building activities that lay the foundation for SEO

The competitive marketplace on the internet is contributing to the importance of online branding. The article provided offers several suggestions for growing your online brand. For starters, user testing is an excellent way to determine the usability of a website. Next, users should also focus on needed resources among their targeted audience. For example, do you want to help people sharpen their interview skills through expert advice? Online services should also strive to make users want to return to the site. Loyalty plans and discounts are some examples on how a developer can increase repeat visitors.

Key Takeaways:

  • User-testing, that is watching and analyzing how searchers and buyers use your site on their varied devices, is critical to making your product the best of its kind.
  • Aside from being a place to access a product, your site should be a place that offers specific informational resources, useful to browsers.
  • Loyalty plans and personalized recommendations are two ways to encourage repeat customers.

“it’s time to stop thinking about how to build links and instead focus on how to build your brand online.”

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