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How to Get Responses When You Email High-Level Contacts

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Getting someone to respond to your sales email is a difficult challenge faced by every sales person. Armed with the right advice this challenge can be met with positive results. The fact is you’ll have to do some digging at first.

The check cutter doesn’t make himself easy to find these days, or else he’d be too easily subjected to us sales hounds. Learn the tricks behind compiling a proven sales list and everything that follows becomes easier.

Once you’re on the phone with “the guy” your message must be on point. It should be clear and objective. The buyer has an issue and you’re the person that can solve it. In an email the message must be capped, the author recommending no more than 150 words. There are good words and bad. Know what to avoid.

By learning from your mistakes and building on successful pitches, your emails will no longer be ignored by the executive you’ve been courting in writing for months.

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