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Google adds new ‘family-led’ attribute to Google My Business profile by @rustybrick

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Google will now allow proprietors of family businesses to add a new “family-led” attribute to their Google My Business profiles, creating a new opportunity to stand out from the crowd. Adding this attribute will result in the display of a distinct icon on your business’ Google Search and Google Maps listings, similar to the icons for woman- and veteran-owned businesses. The family-led attribute, which you can add from the Google My Business info tab, is yet another way to make yourself more memorable to prospective customers.

Key Takeaways:

  • There are a ton of new features being added to the site as it continue to grow.
  • It is similar to LinkedIn in the sense that it is a platform for organizations, instead of people.
  • You want to be as visible as possible to as many consumers as possible within your realm.

“Businesses that add this attribute to their Google local listings will see a special family-led icon in their business listings in Google Search and Google Maps.”

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