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Google Ads Management Services: Grow Your Profits With Our PPC Services

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a fast way to get your business noticed and reach qualified searchers who turn into customers. Consider investing in PPC advertising management services to maximise results with a Google Ads campaign. With our team of Google PPC management professionals handling your account, you will maximise ad spend and ROI.

Google Ads Management For Your Business

At Smoking Chili Media, we offer Google Ads management services to get your ads in front of the right people at the best place and time; when they are ready to buy. Our team of experts has over 20 years of combined experience executing PPC campaigns to help our clients grow their businesses.

Here, we will explain what you get with our PPC ads management services and why we are the revenue-driving associate you need to increase your online sales.

Don’t want to wait to start driving income with a PPC campaign? 

Contact us here or call 020 3289 5595 to speak with our team about our Google ads campaign management services.

Google Ads Management Services
Pay-Per-Click Google ads management

Are You Questioning Your PPC Performance?

Our PPC advertising management covers the Google PPC Network, which includes Search, Display, Shopping, Video, App, and Discovery Ads.

We can also manage Google Local Services Ads, which are paid ads that help local businesses gather leads directly via phone calls and messages.

Local Services Ads only appear for suitable local businesses when a person enters a search. The best thing is that Google shows them at the very top of the search results. We can also manage Bing PPC Network ads and remarketing campaigns.

We have full details here if you are interested in PPC Facebook ads.

What Our Google Ads Management Agency Delivers

  1. As part of our services, we will first develop a strategy unique to your business, after analysing your niche or industry.
  2. We’ll then undertake advanced keyword research and select the most lucrative keywords and phrases to target.
  3. Once we are familiar with your industry and have selected the appropriate keywords, it is time for the ad campaign copywriting.
  4. When we have a set of ads prepared, we do ad copy performance testing. 
  5. To maximise your ROI, we use strategic bid management by raising and lowering the amount we bid on keywords to ensure we make the most of your budget.
  6. Once we have a set of ads that are performing well, we can scale the campaign up with ongoing keyword development and tweaking.
  7. If relevant for your business, we can also use dynamic keyword insertion into a further set of ads.
  8. We closely monitor your campaigns with Google Analytics integration and goal tracking.
Google ads campaign manager

Google Ads Management - Case Studies

Diamond Window Shutters

Pay Per Click, Google Ads, Facebook Ads

The partnership between Diamond Window Shutters of Kent and Smoking Chili Media shows how using PPC marketing services can elevate a business to new heights. Although Diamond Window Shutters is a long-established company, and the site ranks on the first page of Google for many window-shutter related keywords, it seemed a sizeable percentage of visitors were looking for information on window shutters and not ready to buy.

By identifying buyer keywords and creating landing pages that were extremely relevant to these terms, the company soon saw a satisfactory surge in conversions and orders when we launched their pay-per-click campaigns.

AJC Asbestos

Pay Per Click, Google Ads, Facebook Ads

Asbestos surveying and removal is an extremely competitive sector, with many companies across the UK vying for clients. This means using only traditional SEO, business may have to wait many months, or even a year to see results. In 2023, Aaron, the owner of AJC Environmental, contacted us to discuss our PPC services, as he wanted to attract clients immediately. We began work on his local SEO combined with a PPC campaign targeting clients needing asbestos services in the Southeast.
Within just a few days, Daniel was receiving calls many of which led to homeowners and building managers ordering a survey. When the surveys showed the presence of asbestos, Aaron was able to offer asbestos removal generating further income.

What To Expect From Our Google Ads Management Services

If you want to start with PPC, you need look no further than Smoking Chili Media. We offer comprehensive PPC campaign management services to improve your results.

We offer various packages to fit your needs and budget.

We customise our packages to match your business and our Google ads management agency fees are based on your ad spend.

Here’s what you will get when you invest in our ads marketing services:

Keyword Optimisation

You must bid on relevant keywords for your ads to show in the search results. When people search for terms related to your business and the products or services you offer, you want your ads to show to drive targeted traffic to your website.

With our PPC ads management, we do comprehensive keyword research for you and determine the most suitable terms for your ads. We are experts at finding long-tail keywords containing three or more words, as these phrases have low-cost bids but drive relevant buyer traffic.

Industry Analysis

When running Google ads, businesses are competing with others in the same industry. For your business to stand out in your sector, we take a comprehensive look at your niche and where you currently stand. We develop a USP (Unique Selling Point) to create PPC ads that describe the essence of what makes your company a better choice than that of your competitors. Our goal is for your ad to show above those of your competitors, and the organic results.

Advert Copywriting

Excellent ad copy is essential if people are to engage with your advertisement. If we want people to click on your adverts and take action, we must provide them with relevant, appealing information.

At Smoking Chili Media, we employ expert inhouse copywriters to craft ad copy that entices searchers to engage with your ads. 

Ad A/B Testing

For PPC ad campaigns to stay effective, it is vital to test the ad copy. Even minor tweaks can improve an ad’s performance and generate more leads and sales for a business.

Ad testing can be tricky, but we do that for you. We continually tweak ads to improve performance and conversions.

PPC Tracking

To get the best results with ads, continually tracking ad performance is critical, because if an ad is not performing well, there is no point in continuing to run it. In the same way, if an ad is performing well, it makes sense to increase the spend and profit.

With our Google PPC management, we set up your account and immediately start tracking your campaigns to monitor performance. This lets us enhance the performance of the ads, so you achieve more success with your campaigns.

Bids Management

When running pay-per-click ads, every pound should be spent wisely to get the maximum leads and sales from an ad budget. 

We continually optimise ad bids for maximum impact while lowering costs.

Why Choose Us As Your Google Ads Management Company

If you’re ready to invest in Google ads management services, look no further. With over 20 years of combined experience creating successful, profit-producing ad campaigns, we are an unbeatable partner to help your business grow.

Here’s why you should consider us as your Google Ads agency:

We Customise Campaigns

When you pay for ads management, you need your campaigns to produce leads and sales. To achieve this with PPC ads, the campaign must be tailored to your company and business goals. 

We believe in taking the time to understand your business and what you want to achieve. We learn about your field and the competition you face so we can help you stand out in the market. Using all this information, we create a customised plan unique to your business.

We Keep You Informed About Your Ad Results

When you hire a company to manage your Google Ads, you want to be updated about how your ads are doing. You want to know how your ads are helping you reach your goals. At Smoking Chili Media, we understand that, and we keep the line of communication open with all our clients. We provide an account manager who will answer your questions, address any concerns, and listen to your ideas. 

We give you a monthly report about your ad campaigns. They will explain in simple terms how your ads perform and any ideas we must improve them. 

We’re a Google Certified Partner

When you choose an agency to manage your Google ads, you want to partner with professionals who can create prosperous campaigns. 

We have a team of marketing experts with advanced experience working with Google Ads. We’re a skilled partner that knows how to drive results.

As a Google Certified Partner, we know the ins and outs of Google PPC advertising and can create profitable campaigns to generate revenue for SMEs in all business sectors.

We Can Provide More Than Google Ads Management Services

As well as Google Ads services, you may need assistance in other areas of marketing. Perhaps your website needs a revamped look, or you want to rank higher in the organic search results.

If you want to improve your business’s online visibility, you might want to consider varied strategies to reach your goals. But if you choose a company that only does PPC advertising and you also want to improve your site’s ranking on search engines or run social media campaigns, you’d have to hire additional companies for those services. This can be time-consuming and confusing, as you’d have to communicate between all these companies. 

However, there’s a better solution. At Smoking Chili Media, we offer a comprehensive range of digital marketing services to meet your online marketing goals. Whether you need search engine optimisation, social media management, web design, help with Facebook campaigns, or any other marketing service, we’ve got you covered. By working with us, you can simplify your marketing efforts and get everything you need in one place.

Our team can scale your marketing as your business grows online.

Ready to speak with a marketing expert? Give us a ring at 020 3289 5595 or fill out our online form.

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