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Google Keyword Tool: How To Use The Keyword Planner For AdWords

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Google Keyword Tool: How To Use The Keyword Planner For AdWords

Many owners of SEO startup companies tend to flood their sites with keywords that will attract high volumes at rapid rates. Keyword planning with AdWords should be utilized by creating a balance between both high and low volume keywords so that there is an element of authenticity to your site's content. AdWords allows you to search for keywords related to your targeted audience and overall industry, giving you a much wider variety of words to choose from.

Key Takeaways:

  • The ratio between clicks and conversion should be skewed towards conversion rates, as thousands of clicks that lead to only a few actual buying events is not that useful.
  • When choosing key words, marketing success is propelled by a mix of high and low volume options.
  • It's important to get good at judging search criterion by the probable intent of the searcher.

“try following some of the best practices for keyword selection and learn how to use the Google keyword tool for maximum success.”

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