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Google Manual Actions: Frequently asked questions and their answers

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Google Manual Actions: Frequently asked questions and their answers

When someone is recognized as a Google Webmaster, it does come with a lot of responsibility. Google has a tendency to enact penalties on which are featured in their penalty guide when they feel as though their terms were violated. If you receive a notification from Google claiming that you are being penalized, be sure to focus on the email, analyze it for better understanding, and then submit a request for negotiation to restore your webmaster status.

Key Takeaways:

  • Because a manual penalty can cause long-term damage, which is not necessarily easy to ascertain up front, it's never an option to ignore such a penalty.
  • Fortunately, these type of penalties are revocable and need not at all affect a positive relationship with Google, going forward.
  • To apply for reconsideration, a site should be able to show documented proof of the program's resolution.

“Experience shows that manual penalties are infrequently issued, and only for serious offenses. Human errors in the process, while not impossible, are extremely rare.”

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