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Google will stop using the old AJAX crawling scheme in Q2 2018

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Google will stop using the old AJAX crawling scheme in Q2 2018

Google has announced that they are going to be discontinuing the use of the AJAX crawling method that they have been using in the year of 2018. Most webmasters are not surprised by this, as Google's staff has been quite transparent about their plans of possibly ending the scheme in the years to come. Fortunately, Google has released a list of several available plugins and techniques that webmasters can implement in order to ensure that their site still runs as smoothly as possible.

Key Takeaways:

  • According to a recent statement from Google, the search engine company will cease using the original AJAX crawling scheme effective Q2 2018.
  • Google doesn’t expect AJAX-crawling websites to experience any significant changes and the company will continue supporting these URLs in search results.
  • To avoid any headaches that may come with this change, verify ownership of your website in the Google Search Console in order to get access to any of the necessary tools.

“Googlebot will render the #! URL directly, making it unnecessary for the website owner to provide a rendered version of the page.”

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