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Hashtags on Facebook — The Definitive Guide

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Hashtags are widely used on many social media platforms, but what about Facebook? Utilizing the hashtag on Facebook is not the same as it used to be. Hashtags are used to market on other social media sites like Twitter, but can they be used to boost performance and sales conversions on Facebook too?

Hashtags should be brief, unique in a way that makes them memorable, and have an impact on a person’s emotions. Funny and heart warming work great as do hashtags that make people feel something about an item, event or promotion. But be careful to word correctly to avoid unintended meanings and usage.

Hashtags added to an image have more influence (with a younger demographic especially) than those that do not. More clicks, even if the tag earns less money, is still more money.

Why do hashtags work so well? For one, they allow a cluster of information on a topic to gather easily. One hashtag leads to the same sort of content being discoverable all together in one place so making the user journey more engaging and useful.

Key Takeaways:

  • Businesses that successfully use hashtags can draw much more attention to their products and platforms.
  • Proper hashtag usage can lower your click through rate if used incorrectly.
  • Less words in a hashtag helps to avoid confusion and increases its effectiveness.

“You don’t want your hashtag to go on forever—too many words strung together and users can’t easily digest the message.”

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