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How independent reviews influence Google’s trust in your brand

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Google’s independent reviews can help your brand, as long as those reviews stay truly objective and independent. PlaceIDs can be help companies identify whether the review is coming from someone that recently, truly went to the business.

The key here is to weed out those reviews that were written by bots, or people that have some sort of hidden agenda, The hidden agenda is something that can have a significant impact on your business’s profitability, because of Google’s prominence in the world of search engines.

Key Takeaways:

  • Fake online reviews to influence consumer’s on their purchasing decisions is now an issue that Google, Amazon, and Yelp are now taking steps to try to prevent.
  • Reviews don’t have an impact of your businesses search ranking however it may increase your click through rates which may in turn increase your search result ratings.
  • With online reviews playing such an important role for businesses it’s a good idea to encourage your customers to leave positive reviews.

“Online reviews play an incredibly important part in a buyer’s journey, from interest to purchase. They have a heavy influence on rankings in local search results and play an important part in more traditional search engine performance as well.”

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