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How small businesses can see big results with foundational SEO – Search Engine Land

SEO and Content-Marketing Strategy Planning

Most sites can improve their Search Engine Optimization (SEO) no matter how long they have been using it. For technical SEO use a search engine friendly management system such as WordPress as your host. The next step is to get a list of key words together. Use a seed list as well as key word research tools to understand the potential of your key words. There are many free key word research tools available. Also as you put together your site make sure it is structured so that Google and users can understand it.

Key Takeaways:

  • While SEO isn?t rocket science, it does take understanding the basic steps of the process and then implementing your strategy effectively.
  • Let your website hosting and software take care of the technical details so that you can focus on strategy and decision making.
  • Effective search engine optimization depends upon understanding your customer?s language and browsing habits.

“In fact, from the hundreds of small business websites we look at every year at Bowler Hat (my agency), it is rare we see a site implementing SEO perfectly and completely.”

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