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How to Get Extra Traffic from Google Through Voice Search

A marketing agency worker

Over 25 million voice assistant devices were sold in the year of 2017, showing just how much their prominence is expanding at a rapid rate. This may be due to the high precision rates in terms of accuracy and search speed. A voice assistant provides results within half the time traditional search engines do. The booming market associated with voice search points to how vital it is for SEO experts to find ways to incorporate voice search efficiency into their digital marketing strategy.

Key Takeaways:

  • Voice search is on a rising tide which no one can ignore because they signal a change in the SEO landscape.
  • It is hard to tell what actually works in voice search because the advice telling one what to do are varied and numerous.
  • Voice search is practically the ability to tell your device what you are looking for and it practically does the work.

“So for businesses, this is a matter of user experience and delivering convenience to your customers in a rather innovative way.”

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