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How to Get Started With Messenger Bots

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How to Get Started With Messenger Bots

Messenger Bots, also simply called bots, are sometimes confused with chatbots, but they are inherently different, lacking artificial intelligence, and thus the ability to chat about anything. However, they can be automated to answer various FAQ type questions, which frees up the chatbot. They can act also as an extension of email, adding extra functionality to an email campaign. Some tasks they are suited for include delivering lead magnets, sending specific messages, broadcasting incorporated ads, and generating automated follow-ups. Bots can be designed to change what they offer by way of information to a given customer, based on their response to an automated question. This interactive ability, while not specifically intuitive, or intelligent per se, is close enough to be truly useful to marketers.

Key Takeaways:

  • While they do have a similar name, messenger bots and chat bots are actually quite distinct.
  • Messenger Bots do not have the artificial intelligence needed to chat, although they can be supplied with automated responses to specific questions.
  • By triggering the message bot to offer different data to recipiebts, based on their responses to created questions, the bots are made interactive.

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