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How to Increase Conversions by Avoiding These 7 Navigation Mistakes

SEO and Content-Marketing Strategy Planning

Standardized layouts and repetitive headlines are just two forms of website design that can negatively impact the conversion rate that your company sees. In order for customers to successfully convert, they’re going to need to be met with a high-quality design that sets itself apart from the rest. Many websites have generic headlines such as, “Who we are” or, “What we’re about”. This is important information to include within your site, but the headlines are much too overused for enhanced conversions.

Key Takeaways:

  • One of the most common problems for business webpages is web traffic without conversion.
  • It’s easy to increase conversions when you evade the common navigation mistakes that prevent them.
  • Reduce clutter, improve your website design, and tailor to mobile users to increase your conversions.

“if you want to design a homepage that converts, you have to look at how visitors navigate through your pages.”

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