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How to Optimize for Voice Search: 4 Simple SEO Strategies

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Voice search a new facet of search engine optimization that is here to stay. People of all age groups use mobile data assistants via voice. With the update of Google Hummingbird, the search algorithm no longer uses only key words. Now, with voice assistant, the searches now link questions together. The assistant has to research the question based on contextual clues from previous questions. Voice queries also contain conversational language words. This makes each query longer on average.

Key Takeaways:

  • Because it is more convenient for searchers to speak with an assistant than to type words, voice search is no longer a fad.
  • To prove that voice search has come to stay, Voice labs found that about 33 million voice-first devices are in circulation.
  • Google CEO, Sundar Pichai, in emphasizing the importance of voice search, in his keynote address stated that one-fifth of Google queries are voice search.

“In 2013, Google launched a major algorithmic update — the Google Hummingbird. It started considering the user intent and contextual meaning of queries.”

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