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How to Search on Google: 31 Google Advanced Search Tips

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How to Search on Google: 31 Google Advanced Search Tips

Ordinary non-tech infused types, like most of us, know enough to type in a search term when using Google. This, basic, caveman approach entails trying out metaphors and word combos, describing what we hope to find, in a fairly random, hit, or miss, style.

However, it is possible to upgrade one's search strategy, by inserting basic commands into the query box. For example, the use of quotes around a phrase alerts the web crawler that that phrase is specifically to be found, verbatim on the page wanted. Other, very specific commands, tell the web crawler to look for a specified mix of words, to include, or exclude specific phrases, or to look on specified parts of the web page, such as in the title. Using these nifty search commands can really tighten up one”d search game.

Key Takeaways:

  • Google can seem intimidating – the whole world's knowledge is at your fingertips, but you have to dig through it to find what you want.
  • However, there are a few basic steps that you can take in order to really distill things down and make it easy to search.
  • Here we list 31 very useful tips that you can use today to up your game when it comes to google searches.

“If you want to find new websites with similar content to a website you already know of, use the modifier.”

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