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How to understand searcher intent and use it to boost SEO rankings – Search Engine Land

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Having a solid understanding of the most common intentions that searchers have while submitting a query will allow you to become more insightful in how you market yourself in the digital world. A large contributor in searcher intent is considering navigational searches. Most people do not directly input full URL’s into the address bar. Instead, they search either a singular term, or pair it with a location in order to obtain more specific results after hitting submit.

Key Takeaways:

  • Navigational searchers are made when someone just searches a query into the address bar versus a specific URL.
  • Users want to find detailed results that are relevant to their search such as businesses that are closeby.
  • Transactional intents are high value, whereas informational and navigational are low.

“Understanding the intent behind the keywords you target simplifies the entire SEO process, says contributor Marcus Miller.”

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