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How to Use Facebook Custom Audiences: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Statistics show that nearly 1.5 billion users are getting on the behemoth Facebook and using it daily. As an online merchant, you want to harvest from that pool of potential customers. But, you want to do it strategically.

In order to get the best return for the least expenditure, you want to ensure that you go after those candidates that fit your target customer profile. Fortunately, Facebook has done a lot of the work for you already.

Facebook Custom Audiences can target groups that are specific to your needs, such as users that have installed your app, used your product before, or visited your website and bought from there. Assuming you have a list of those who use your business, or who are high-possibles on your lead list, you can upload the list.

Maybe it’s full of newsletter subscribers, or a summary of recent customers. Facebook Custom Audiences uses a system to keep specified FB data private, while still helping businesses uncover business matches.

There’s also a ‘lookalike ‘ feature, whereby FB can identify users who show similar traits to those you have already identified as clients or leads.

It is important to realize that FB users can also check to see which ad creators have looked them up. You’ll want to install the FB pixel so FB can match the FB users that visit your site.

Once you have your matches and your lookalike audience data you can create targeted events, campaigns and remarketing strategies.

Key Takeaways:

  • For online merchants, Facebook offers a pool of potential customers of about 1.5 billion active users, that visit daily.
  • Facebook Custom Audiences can get businesses customer matches, based on groups that have an interest in that business already, having interacted with the site, or the business.
  • when a business uploads a list of possible matches, for example, a newsletter subscription list, FB uses a technique to find matches while keeping specified customer data private.

“Keep in mind that you can only upload data from customers who have given you permission to market to them. You can?t use a purchased customer list, for example, or data you?ve gathered from other websites?and if someone opts out of your email list, you need to remove them from your Custom Audience, too.”

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