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How to Use Google AdWords to Promote YouTube Videos

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How to Use Google AdWords to Promote YouTube Videos

If you want your Google AdWords to play an important part in promoting your YouTube videos, there are specific ways that you can make that happen. For example, by using placement targeting, you can elect to have your ads shown on those YouTube channels that most closely target your intended audience. Another potentially successful way to place your ads, is to choose life event videos that closely fit in with your product, or service. A florist might choose a marriage video, for example.

If you happen to know the types of sites your customers frequent, then those too would be fertile ground for ad placement. Keywords are a good tool to use when finding a best ad placement too. Be aware too, that if your customer-base tends to Be bilingual then that too should effect ad placement.

Key Takeaways:

  • Choose life event placement, when deciding where to place your ads, if your business is tied to events, as would be the case with florists and jewelers.
  • If your target customer has a particular affinity for a certain type of site, then you'll want to try placing ads at those sites.
  • When picking ad placement, it's also important to consider where your base audience lives and if they speak a language other than english.

“However, for placement targeting to work, you need to deeply understand your viewers and your competitive landscape.”

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