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How to Use the Facebook Creator App

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How to Use the Facebook Creator App

The “Creator” app on FaceBook allows users to create effective live broadcasts. According to the article, the app must first be installed to any iOS device. Next, the app should be opened and the user should open an account by selecting the “get started” button. Users can also link specific profiles to the app. To learn more about this service, the user is encouraged to select the “explore FaceBook creator”. After setting up an account, the users can begin to personalize live broadcasts.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Facebook Creator app is a great tool that allows you to optimize your Facebook Live videos with a number of different unique features.
  • When installing this iOS app, be sure to select the profile or page you want to register with the app.
  • Probaby the most exciting feature of this app is the Live Creative Kit, which allows you to personalize live broadcasts by adding custom graphics, backgrounds, and stickers.

“Facebook Creator is a handy all-in-one app that lets you record branded video, chat with your community, and get valuable insights for your content.”

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