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How to Use the Facebook Split Testing Feature for Ads

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Split testing is an important way to analyze which ads will deliver optimal results for your business. There’s a simple workflow to follow.

First, create a new campaign by clicking the appropriate button in your Ads Manager account. Then choose an objective, and name your campaign. Then, select a variable to test, and the type of test. Tests can be delivery optimization tests, audience tests, or placements.

Once you’ve configured your campaign, you’re ready to budget. Use the budget editor to schedule your test and decide how much you want to spend. Once that’s all put together, you can launch the test just like any other ad campaign.

Split tests are a great way to optimise your ad spend to ensure you get the most bang for your ad budget buck. Be sure to test, analyse and implement new ad creative ideas on a regular basis to continue to drive down metrics such as cost per page like, cost per engagement and cost per link click.

Key Takeaways:

  • Split testing ads on Facebook allows you to analyze what ads work best.
  • It allows you to test different variables depending on the metric you want.
  • Split testing allows for optimization, determining the correct audience, and determining the best ads for your selected audience.

“If you’ve been advertising on Facebook for a while, you know it’s important to split test your ads and posts to analyze which ads deliver the best results for your business.”

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