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Looking for Facebook advertising success? Then my Facebook news roundup is for you

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So as we come to the end of another week that leads us inexorably closer to death and/or Christmas, it’s time to review how Facebook have been making the news this week (sure like they need any extra free publicity).

As marketers however, we need to keep a beady eye on them and so the following are a mere smattering of useful tidbits to take away, ruminate on and digest over the weekend.

Number 1: Ten Facts About the New Facebook Search.

An interesting read here about how Facebooks new search functionality works. Facebook are now looking beyond the silo-ed Facebook world and, shock horror, realising there’s a whole thing called the internet beyond its borders.

That’s right, they’re actually indexing content from the wider web so you don’t have to just look at cat meme’s anymore. Also included is info on their ranking factors, mobile search and a bunch of other stuff that you would be better off going and reading than me trying to regurgitate in under 100 words.

Number 2: How to Create Facebook Ads With Emails: 5 Creative Ideas.

This one comes highly recommended by moi. If you have an email list then this post guides you through how you can upload it to facebook to target those same people through Facebook.

Then how to clone your list for additional ad targeting options, how to target based on those who open vs don’t open your mailers, segment subscribers and retarget those who are basically ignoring your mailers.

A great bunch of tips here that, with a little thought on Facebook psychographic targeting mashups, are going to help you big time.

Number 3: 2 New Facebook Tools for Local Business Advertisers.

This is a good news story for all your social media managers who represent stores/restaurants with multiple local locations. You can now craft separate copy, links and calls to action per local store with far greater ease.

In addition the new insights tool will allow you to see greater trends and demographics on a local level leaving you in an all oh so powerful mind manipulation position “wa ha ha”.

Number 4: Facebook v YouTube: Fighting for views.

Finally this story from Auntie (the BBC for non UK folk) is all about how quickly Facebook has caught up with YouTube in view counts since the introduction of auto play functionality on people’s news feeds.

As those of us who use YouTube a lot know, however, its not all about random quick views, but the deeper level of engagement from users that’s often more important especially in audience building. Anyway a good read and as the saying goes, don’t put all your eggs in one basket, so keep on keeping on with videos in both channels.

And that’s it till next time. I’m off to sit on a beach in South Mexico for a couple of weeks so I’ll see you all again soon.


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